Setup > Creating one view of multiple calendars for multiple jobs (PowerDiary)

If you are working across multiple practices - particularly if your time isn't highly structured - then you will get a lot of benefit from pushing all of these diaries into one overlapping view. 



  1. Create push setups from each system to one or more Gmail accounts and then
  2. Setup your smart phone to overlay these calendars using different colours


  1. Have current and accurate appointments from multiple jobs all one the one screen
  2. Be able to turn on and off different jobs in case there is clutter like "DO NOT BOOK" or "Jane doesn't work Tuesdays" type appointments start to pile up on top of each other.
  3. Be able to see different job's diaries in different colours if you live life on the edge and intersperse different jobs on the same day (eg telehealth). 


  • PowerDiary will allow you to create a new calendar, I would recommend creating a new Gmail account such as and set a unique an complex password. But if you have an existing personal gmail account then in theory you can just add an extra calendar to it.   
  • In PowerDiary Go to Setup > Calendars.
    • If you can't see the Setup menu, tap someone on the shoulder who can or Zoom them - you'll need to enter your Gmail password into their PD session. Then ask them nicely to log out once it's all done without saving your password. 
  • Select yourself from the Calendar list, then click Google Sync in the nav. 
  • Click Connect to Google and follow the authentication prompts and sign your life away:


  • Once that authenticates, you still need to create your PD calendar in Gmail
  • Back in your PD Calendar settings, ignore likely authenication errors and don't bother clicking the first "Test Connection to Google" all logical choices but no... click the second of three buttons to "Create Calendar". Only then will you get two extra buttons to revoke and delete the calendar.
  • Finally (for PowerDiary) push the first batch of data to Google and wait 5 minutes for it to start to populate in the online Google calendar
  •  Last step is to get this account on your phone. For iPhone users, Go to Settings > Calendars. Add an account of type Gmail and follow the authentication prompts. After 5 more minutes you'll start to see the PD appointments populate into your phone and you should be able to choose a calendar colour and turn them on and off. 

While you can in theory drag changes on the Gmail side back into PowerDiary I would suggest keeping this as a view only option. It's a little clunky to manually bring batches of changes back into PD and synchronisation is hard with reasonable scope for corruptions. So if anything is going to corrupt it should be the Gmail calendar that can be flattened and rebuild easily. So I say make it push only.

Good luck


Also refer to PowerDiary's knowledgebase article: 


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