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The bulk of the information on setting up a calendar is pretty obvious, however consider:

  • Adding a "Shortened name" to allow first name merge fields in reminders etc.
  • The clinician's mobile which is a pre-requisite to unusual replies to reminders such as "I've woken up with diarrhoea and can't make my 7:00am appt" to be forwarded to them 
  • The Custom invoice text should not be used for Medicare provider numbers - this is handled better elsewhere. 
  • Appointment info is useful for common instructions to receptionists if different clinician's have different processes such as different cancellation processes.

Calendar Groups

If you are using calendar groups to separate things like rooms from clinicians then remember to choose the correct group. 



  • The "Forward Replies to Text Reminders" is really helpful if you set it to "Forward to Diary Mobile" and a client needs to cancel their 7:00am appointment. If set this will forward the "I'm so sorry but I have woken up feeling sick" message the clinician directly at 6:00am, but the "Yes" or "Y" type message won't bother you but rather set the appointment to be confirmed. NB this functionality will add $0.15c per 160 character message so you may want to downgrade to email to save money if you get up and check your emails reliably.
  • The "If Client Cancels Via SMS Reply Notify Diary User" setting is similar but will send you a notice when the client responds with "No", "N" or "Cancel" to let you know who just cancelled and when they were booked in. It is a personal preference and these notifications do cost $0.15 each you might not want to respond on your mobile directly to clients anyway. Likely you'll want to log into the online version of PowerDiary's backend to reply via the PowerDiary SMS service, so maybe email is somewhat cheaper. That said it is probably best to be consistent - either both of these settings go to email or both go to your mobile. 


  • Add all of the relevant insurers into the custom lists > Insurers
  • For each calendar, setup the
    • Medicare details for each supplier provider number. If you only work from a single practice under PowerDiary then use the "all" option. If you have multiple provider numbers because you work from multiple practices then remember each location should have a separate provider number including your home if you are doing telehealth days. These addresses are publicly searchable though. We hold the view that it is a safety risk to require psychologists to list their home address. We have been through multiple layers of Medicare and APS guidance on this and despite the arcane requirements our view is that you should not comply with this requirement and all telehealth locations should use your practice provider number.
    • Additional government bodies such as NDIS
    • Relevant health funds such as Medibank who have specific item codes they require  


Google Sync

Google sync can be very useful if you are across multiple jobs that all use different calendars. All the major email clients like Outlook can communicate with GMail and then in some of these applications you can overlay many diaries from many accounts on top of each other. The PowerDiary -> Google Sync is therefore a valuable option. 

Follow the steps in this article for more details.



Setting up a user is pretty straight forward, but there are a few things that matter:

  • Each email address in PowerDiary has to be unique. If a clinician works in two jobs that both use a separate instance of PowerDiary then that user will need two different email addresses and use the relevant one for logging in.
  • The requirements under the Privacy Act, in my view, make it mandatory that 2 factor authentication is turned on for all users. Unfortunately the PowerDiary interface requires them to have accepted an invitation before you can turn on 2FA. 
  • The security descriptions aren't great. There is a detailed PowerDiary article here but we suggest the following for all psychologists that aren't the practice owner:


For receptionists that aren't practice managers we suggest: 



A roster is your standard working hours - these can be altered for holidays and similar but it the linkage between a calendar and a location for different days of the week.




Here we have configured it such that John Frick works has 5 specific times that he books clients in with an extra gap after the third client. He also works from home on Tuesdays so can only do Zoom sessions (blue background) on Tuesdays. But he can take either face to face (white background) or Zoom appointments on Wednesday, but his preference is face to face. This colouring is important for reception to be able to quickly convey your forms of availability when a client is on the phone and it also drives your default location when you book an appointment. 

Also, when a client logs onto the portal they are given the correct availability depending on their choice of location and booking a time in this example on a Wednesday removes that option from both views regardless of whether it was booked face to face or Zoom. 

mceclip3.png mceclip1.png
Location: Crows Nest Location: Zoom


In order to actually make this work we need to work around a limitation imposed by PowerDiary not giving us a sort order to the rosters. By default, the roster created first is the one that dominates your calendar colour and default location. For example if we had created the Zoom roster first and then tried to add a face to face day, the calendar won't show the preference for face to face in the back end version of PowerDiary. So every time you change your face to face roster you need to also delete and recreate your Zoom roster!

Setup Steps:

  • If you work five days per week and offer either face to face or zoom then you will need to setup 10 rosters! If you want clients to be able to book phone consults, Zoom consults and face to face you will need to setup 15 rosters! We have found that doing a single day for a single channel allows us to deactivate a roster for a while and reactivate it easily. If it's five days in one roster you'll likely find you need to mess around more later. 
  • It is important that the first set of rosters that you create is your physical location. We suggest setting up all 5 (or 7) days that you are ever possibly likely to work as these first born rosters will always be the ones that sort to the top of the pile when you're looking at your diary from inside PowerDiary and it will be the top of the list when clients use the portal. It is easy to name a roster "Monday" and then not use it, but harder to delete the Zoom roster and recreate it later if this step is skipped. If PowerDiary add the sort order feature as requested this step will become redundant.
  • Each day is best represented separately roster so that you can add all the hour by hour detail once, then if you stop working that day then you can simply change the start and end dates to disable that day of the week or resurrect a day by bringing the start date forward, but until PowerDiary add a duplicate roster feature, we suggest keeping each day of the week separate. 
  • Within each day, mark-up separate session blocks - say 50 mins in length, so that clients using the portal can't fragment your time by booking the middle of a 2 hour window and preventing other clients from getting in to see you. Make sure the "Clients can book online" toggle is switched on if you want this time to be accessible via the portal... for instance you may choose to turn this toggle off for your 7:00am appointments via the portal but leave it for reception to book by adding it to your roster. Remember you can also override your roster week to week if you want to squeeze someone in outside your normal hours. 
  • Lastly, once you have done this for all your 5 physical days (even if there are no open hours) go back and repeat this for your Zoom hours. This will allow clients to choose on the portal if they want to see you face to face or via Zoom. If we head into another lockdown with Covid then all you need to do it disable the face to face rosters by changing their start and end dates and everything still works.  If a client books face to face but you want to change it to Zoom then you can still do this in the back end PowerDiary by changing the location. 


Last Updated 2 September 2021

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