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This is our take on the pro's and cons of the value of the different video conferencing platforms as well as getting yourself setup to do tele-health well. As always please contribute to the discussion in the comments. 


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 Zoom for Business



  Zoom Teams Skype PowerDiary
Cost per user per month $30*     $0
Complies with Australian Privacy Act security requirements Yes Yes No Yes
Ease of use for clients (out of 10) 10       
Allows clinician screen sharing  Yes      
Allows whiteboard type functionality Yes     No
Control meeting attendees (prevents gate crashing if link shared) Yes     No
Adjusts to reduce bandwidth on poor connections Yes     Yes

Zoom Business offers a unique and personalised url for each user like along with other advanced features. But it has a minimum of 10 licences to access this capability at $280 AUD per month. CPC has a Zoom Business licence and we can manage and onsell single licences to help you get around these limitations.  



Zoom's ability to run a shared whiteboard, run couples or family sessions, ask people to pop back to the waiting room whilst you chat with an individual and then bring the family back in together, operate on phone or computer as well as record and transcribe (Business) the session is in our opinion unrivalled. There's no need to setup separate invites as the ability to enforce a waiting room means that you can have a permanent Zoom address much like having a permanent street address. No need to create a separate meeting login for every session. If someone turns up in your waiting room at the wrong time you can ignore them, or you can pause the current session for a moment and attend to your waiting room much like you would if a client turned up in the wrong week of the fortnight.  


Zoom (Free)

If you're still a uni student then restarting meetings every 40 minutes might make sense but you can't run a business on this - don't bother. 


Zoom (Pro)

This is the entry level and gives you everything you need. It is $21 pm direct from Zoom. Just be aware that your Zoom links in SMS reminders will look like: That means that you might tip your SMSes over the 160 character limit and double the cost of your reminders - maybe an extra $15pm in indirect costs. 


Zoom (Business) 

Zoom normally start their “Business” package with a minimum of 10 users. We can give you a email address and then you can access on of these licences for $30pm. 

The nice thing is the links get customisable - so to access your waiting room, clients only need to go to for instance which looks great on a business card or email signature. You'll also likely save money on your SMS reminders. 


Basic Usage:

Zoom has a couple of ways It can be used. You can create ad hoc “instant” meetings as though you’re walking into someone’s personal office. You can schedule explicit appointments as though you’re booking a private meeting in a meeting room or you can run webinars akin to a conference online (which requires an extra licence).

At CPC we can offer the configure your Zoom account so that by default clients go to your personal “waiting room”. They initiate a session with you from either your email signature or the appointment reminder link. You might be in another Zoom session and you can actually see on the right hand side in the Manage Attendees list that the next client has arrived – just like a normal waiting room, but your current attendees won’t see it. You can run couples sessions where you ask one or the other to step back into the waiting room etc. etc. There’s lots of functionality to explore. Be aware though you need to open Zoom in the same way as you might go to work. If you're using headphones and go to the bathroom you won't hear the "ding ding" telling you a client would like to connect – you need to keep an eye on your waiting room.

PowerDiary is configured with the automatic appointment reminders and you simply need to choose which location the appointment is using. You can even run one person in the room and another via Zoom and they will each get the correct reminders


Advanced Usage:

Share your screen:

You might have a resource or you want to discuss a questionnaire graph or similar – you can broadcast your computer or even just one application rather than the whole desktop using “Share screen”.


Using a whiteboard:

Even if you don’t have a touchscreen you can use a whiteboard in a Zoom session. Check out this setup of an iPhone iPad. You just install on you iPhone/iPad connect to your own personal ID ( and start a broadcast and then broadcast that device alongside your camera.


Host a family / couple session and ask someone to step back out to your waiting room:

In larger groups such as DBT you might agree on a protocol such as unmute to talk, but even in a family session you can open up the “Manage Participants” panel then you can mute people, ask them to go back to the waiting room etc.


Recording and downloading whiteboards:

You can record sessions, download and save whiteboards and similar. You can also choose if you want to allow participants to do the same or not.


Breakout rooms:

Imagine a large group where you ask everyone to turn to the person next to them and chat for 5 minutes – you can do the same and you can pop into their (private) room and then pop into the next


Client Experience:

PowerDiary is configured with the automatic appointment reminders that check which “location” you have setup the appointment for and will then send the appropriate reminder. E.g., if your standard format is Zoom because of Covid 19 then all you need to do to create a Zoom appointment is create the appointment and leave the default location alone. But if you want to change it to Phone or Face to Face you just change the location.







 Without intervention, the location now drives the automatic reminder message to your clients as follows:






There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have a mix of face to face and Zoom appointments if you’re doing couple or family work. Whatever is agreed to per person should be represented with that person by setting their specific location.



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