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NovoPsych is a secure (HIPAA / GDPR) online assessment tool and is the best client assessment platform that we are aware of by virtue of the one coffee a week pricing and the breadth of measures available. It's a bit clunky though and not all measures are available. 




They have a free plan that does everything up to your 51st client at which point it starts to cost $17 per month. 



As of writing, they have 46 different measures. There are a few that we asked if it were possible to add including the YSQ, SMI and EDI2 that they have attempted to get clearance from copyright but been unsuccessful. You can bundle up a series of measures into a battery such as a "Standard adult" battery and then administer this battery over time. 


Client Setup

At intake, the client needs to be added which is a fairly simple copy and paste of their name, email and DOB. Unfortunately there is no push capability to allow registered practice management systems to add client information via an API and it doesn't appear to be in their timeline any time soon. Also beware, if you have multiple clinicians working with a family and you want the results for the couples measures going to one clinician and the adult measures going to a different clinician you can't. You would be forced to duplicate the client and use a surname like "Simpson (Individual)" vs "Simpson (Couple)".  

Client Experience

NovoPsych allows you to "Email" and "Schedule" a measure or battery but honestly the email templates are pretty poor and if you have a practice manager setup to send these communications the emails actually say that the practice manager will get the results - not the clinician and you can't edit these templates so we would suggest ignoring this functionality. For each scheduled administration we recommend just initiating the "Email" functionality but using the "Copy URL" link instead so that you can drop the link into your own email. 

Clicking on the link will take a client to a fairly basic but functional user interface. There is no branding on this interface other than the NovoPsych branding.  mceclip0.pngApart from looking a little bit 1990s its unfortunately incapable of storing partial results. So if a client has got through some 100 items but for some reason doesn't hit submit because their system froze or they stepped away from their device or whatever, then those responses are gone and they have to start again.
Once they do click submit they get a nice clear finished screen: 


... but there may be some clients that feel they need to check (and recheck) that the assessment was saved but if they click on the same email link twice, there is no prompt to say "You have already submitted... are you sure you want to do this again?".  There is also no means for a client to view their result which is likely by design but equally there's no summary of submissions either. 

If you have a planned discharge or you're doing an MHCP update report soon and want to get the progress measures then you can use an iPad or computer in session. Simply use the "Administer" functionality on your computer and it will require a password to unlock the session after they have completed the final measure in the battery... of course if you use a password manager on this device then they will gain access to the history of all your clients so beware!



For each separate measure, once a client completes it you will get an email - one for each measure in the battery. These results will NOT go to your admin team - only the assigned clinician and you have to log on rather than reading an attachment - which again is a good security measure. Again, if they integrated with the practice management systems and could save the result to the client record or even just alert admin so they could export to pdf and upload the results to the PMS then that would be good. But the process would be that you will get an email, login, look at the recent activity or search for the client and locate their results. For each measure, you would download and upload the pdf to your practice management system and if you're writing the report then copy a snip of the results graph and paste it to your report. 





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